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How to Transfer money from Wechat to Alipay

We all Know, Yayaka.com is the Biggest Online seller in China to help people transfer money From Wechat to Alipay.

There are always some people Ask me How to Transfer money from Wechat to Alipay because they got some lucky money in their Wechat Wallet and want to buy something on Taobao.com. In fact, Tencent and Alibaba don’t have that close enough of a relationship. They don’t Support Transfer Directly to each other. But there are still two ways to do it.

1.Find a Agent and Pay the Commission

This way is the Most easier for you to Transfer money From Wechat to Alipay but You have to pay more 10% Commission to the Agent. We recommanded www.yayaka.com

2. Get a China Bank Account

Wechat Allow you to withdraw money to your China Bank Account. And you can Top up your Alipay Account with a China Bank Account. But, Most of you have no a China Bank Card. So it is not a good choice to do it with a China Bank Account.

When Will I receive the money?

Yayaka will Ask for your Alipay Account in the Checkout Page Before you finish Payment. Once Paid, They will send the money to your Alipay Account in minutes.

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