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How to Top up Wechat Wallet with Paypal & Credit Card

With more and more Foreign People Go travel or Do business in China. They need Some RMB in their Wechat Wallet Which is very convenience to go around China When they want to buy something. Because as we all know, There is almost no cash in China Now, Most of the people Would like to pay with Wechat Wallet instead of Cash even he is a 60-year-old Man. So, How to Top up Wechat with Paypal, Credit Card or Visa?

How to Top up Wechat Wallet with Paypal, Credit Card or Visa?

Yes, We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Visa or Mastercard to Top up Wechat Wallet.

  • First, Click to https://www.yayaka.com/product/wechat-wallet-gift-card-wechat-game/
  • Secondly, Choose the RMB Value your want to Purchase
  • Thirdly, Check out and Fill in your wechat Account ID and Choose to the right Payment Method to Finish Payment.
  • The Last, Our Custom Service will Add your wechat as Friend and Send you the Right RMB via wechat.

Why Choose YAYAKA?

  1. We will Delivery your order in minutes
  2. Competitive Price, The Best Price to Top up Wechat with Paypal or Credit Card.
  3. 7*24 Service Guarentee. Just Feel Free to contact us in any time.

How to Know whether I have received your Transferring?

1) We will add the wechat account you want to recharge as our contacts in minutes ;
2) Please check the wechat account you want to recharge, click the “”Contacts”” button and accept our new friend request ;
3)If you do not receive our new friend request, you can add our wechat account: kavip-1
4)After we add you as our contacts, we will transfer the money to you ;
5)You can accept the transfer now and then the order is finished.


Commission: Paypal Charge you 4.4%+$0.3 Per payment. And I will Charge more 10% For commission to resist the risk of Exchange Rate changing in the future When I do settlement of exchange. What’s more, I have to pay Commission to Paypal and Bank When i do Settlement of Exchange.

About Wechat Wallet

As we all know, Wechat Pay is the Most popular payment method in China. According to the latest news, There are more than 800 Millions MAU Per month. You know, There are only 1.3 Billions People in China. That means, Almost everyone in China will use Wechat Pay / Wechat Wallet.

People in China go outside without Cash even if they go travel in a village and want to buy something from the seller of village. People Use Wechat wallet to take a bus, take a taxi, take a metro, Train even Plane. We are in a Non-Cash world.

So,If you want to go travel to China or Do business with Chinese, Wechat Wallet is neccessary.

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